Kansas City Airport Parking

There are various parking options at Kansas City Airport (MCI)


Garage Parking

Currently are opened Garage B and C (24 hours daily).



- First 30 minutes - $1

- From 30 minutes to 60 minutes - $3

- From 1 hour to 7 hours - $3 per hour

- From 7 or more to 24 hours - $23

- Each additional day - $3 per hour

- Daily maximum - $23


Maximum vehicle heights:

- Garage A - 7’2”

- Garage B - 7’4”

- Garage C - 8’2”

- Over-sized vehicles should use the Economy Parking Lots.


Road: Garage B is located in the Rome Circle and Garage C is located in the Bogota Circle.

To get more information, please, call: 816-243-5870.



Circle Parking

There are four Circle parkings: E1, E2, E3 and E4. They are located near the two Garage Parkings.

There is a free shuttle bus that runs 24 hours between the terminals and the Circle Parking Lots.

There are parking spaces reserved for passengers with special needs or disabilities at parking E2 and E3.



- First 30 minutes - $1

- From 30 minutes to 1 hour - $3

- From 1 hour to 7 hours - $3 per hour

- From 7 hours to 24 hours - $15.50

- Daily maximum - $15.50

- Each additional day - $3 per hour



Curbside Valet - Terminal B

This parking is designed for passengers that want an easy and good parking service. Staff at the parking take care of the vehicles. The valet drop-off area is located in the halfway around the circle of Terminal B, near Gate 40.

It is opened 24 hours daily.


When passengers return from their trip, may call the following phone: 816-243-2019 to have their car ready to pick it up.


To pay the Valet Parking, go inside Terminal B, and the cashier is adjacent to the valet drop-off area. Tips are well accepted.



- Up to 4 hours - $12

- More than 4 hours - $3 per hour

- Maximum per day - $27



Economy Parking

Economy B and C are currently opened. Economy Lot A is not available now.


There is a free shuttle bus (blue) that connects the parking lots with the terminals. Shuttles are accessible by wheelchair. It takes 15 minutes to reach the terminals and shuttle service starts from 5am until 1am. There is a shuttle bus service for overnight hours from 1am to 5am but passengers may call with the courtesy phone (located inside each shelter) or call the following phone number: 816-243-5544


Rates: 24 hours - $7.50



Park Air Express

It is an agency that provides service and it’s a partner of Kansas City Airport.

Location: 11500 Prairie View Road (Off I-29, exit 112th Street/#12), Kansas City, MO 64153 | 866 990 2431 or 816 268 0880.

It offers a free shuttle bus service and other facilites as luggage assistance or bottled water.



- Uncovered parking lot - $9 per day

- Covered parking spaces - $15 per day


*Prices at all the parking lots are subject to change.