Kansas City Airport Informational Guide to Kansas City International Airport (MCI) - NON OFFICIAL

Kansas City Airport Terminal

Kansas City Airport new terminal was opened on February 2023. It operates all international and domestic flights of the Airport and it is a brand new building with new amenities and up to 40 gates. 

The new KCI Terminal replaces the old Terminal B and Terminal C buildings with a brand new rectangular terminal. An upgrade for comfort for travellers and new amenities and an update in technology and more efficient airlines operations.


Level 1 

It is the arrivals area of the Airport. Baggage claiming and access to transportation. Also, access to parking. 

Level 2

Check-in area and security check. Access to gates. Amenities area. 


Passengers will find two concourses: A area: A1-A20. And B area: B40 to B69. Lots of services and amenities are located around. 

There are moving walkways to move between both concourses. 


- Restaurants and cafes 
- Shops 
- Quiet Rooms
- Infant Feeding Rooms
- Inclusive Play Area for children 
- Service Animals Relief Areas 
- Helpdesks
- Entretainment areas
- Art Project
- Device Charging Stations
- Walkaways


Delta Air Lines Sky Club: Open from 4:15am to 6:15pm. Services: snacks, drinks, TV, newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi, flights monitors, among others.