Terminals Kansas City Airport (MCI)

Kansas City Airport consists of 3 circular terminals with their boarding gates located outside the ring.


Present & future

On the following 3-4 years, a new single terminal will be built in the current Terminal A. Flights hosted in Terminal A will be scheduled in Terminal B and Terminal C until the completion of the new terminal.

Transfer between terminals

It is possible to connect to all airport terminal from the International Circle.


See each terminal exit:

- Terminal A: Amsterdam Circle exit

- Terminal B: Rome Circle exit

- Terminal C: Beirut Circle exit


In order to transfer from a terminal to another, Red-line Bus travels between passenger terminals every 15 minutes to and from the Circle Parking lots. The stops are located outside each airport terminal.


On the other hand, the Blue-line Bus links the airport terminals with the Economy parking each 10 minutes and stops at covered shelters.


The terminal shuttles are for free.


Call 5219 for further information about both bus services.




Kansas City Airport consists of Terminals A, B and C.


In total the airport has 90 gates but not all of them are currently used (Terminal A).


See below more information about the airport terminals:



Terminal A (closed)

It has gates from A1 to A30 but currently this terminal is closed. It is the first terminal that drivers can reach. The terminal is planned to be demolished to build a new Central Terminal there. Amsterdam Circle is the road that goes around this terminal.


It is expected to build a new terminal in the 3-4 following years. Until the completion of the terminal, flights scheduled in Terminal A will be moved to both Terminal B and Terminal C.



Terminal B

Kansas City Airport Terminal B is home of boarding gates B31-B60.


Terminal B is served by the following airlines: Southwest, Delta and Alaska, among others.

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Terminal C

Kansas City Airport Terminal C is home of boarding gates C61-C90.


Terminal C is served by the following airlines: Spirit, American Airlines, Air Canada, United, Frontier, among others.

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